As promised, I have put together a "cheater page" for some of the longer and more complicated formulas. This is NOT all of the formulas from the book. It is only some of the longer ones or ones with special characters where a simple typo could cause you some serious aggravation.

The table below references the page number and figure number from the book, and the Excel Cell reference where the formula would be entered. Just triple-click on the formula and it should highlight. Then just copy it (CTRL+C), and paste it (CTRL+V) into your spreadsheet.

For OpenOffice users, see Calc Notes


Page Figure Cell

     Excel Formula

81 4C C4 =IF(ISBLANK(B3),B4*C5*C6*C7*C8*C9,B3*C5*C6*C7*C8*C9)
110 5G G7 =IF(ISBLANK(B6),G6,(F7*G$2)+(G6*(1-G$2)))
110 5G I7 =IF(ISBLANK(B6),G7+I6,E7+((1/E$2)*G7))
114 5H I7 =IF(ISBLANK(B6),(IF(ISBLANK(H7),I6+G6,(H7*I6)+I6)),E7+(1/E$2)*(IF(ISBLANK(H7),G7,H7*E7))
114 5H N7 =IF(ISBLANK(M7),J7*K7*L7,M7)
132 6A B4 =(B3-AVERAGE($B3:$H3))^2
132 6A H5 =SQRT(SUM(B4:H4)/(COUNT(B4:H4)-1)
137 6C J6 =SQRT(SUM(B5:J5)/(COUNT(B5:J5)-1))
144 6F C10 =IF(B10>0.5,NORMSINV(B10),0)
173 7D B7 =SQRT((2*B2*B5)/(B3*B4))
173 7D B10 =(B3*0.5*B9*B4)+(B2*B5/B9)
176 7G D9 =IF(ISBLANK(C9),"",IF(E9>B9,(C$5*0.5*E9*C9)+(C$4*C$6/E9)+(C$6*C9),(C$5*0.5*B9*C9)+(C$4*C$6/B9)+(C$6*C9)))
176 7G E9 =IF(ISBLANK(C9),"",(SQRT(2*C$6*C$4/(C$5*C9))))
176 7G F9 =IF(D9=D$16,(B9),"")
176 7G G9 =IF(ISBLANK(F9),"",IF(E9>F9,(E9),F9))
181 7K B15 =SQRT((2*B2*(SUM(B8:M8))/(B3*B4)))
181 7K B16 =COUNTIF(B10:M10,”>0”)